Founded in August 2018, Good Gate Media Ltd. is an interactive story games production and publishing company based in Cardiff run by John Giwa-Amu. Built on the back of 15 successful years in feature films that have seen his projects win awards at internationally renowned festivals including BAFTA, BIFA, Tribeca and Berlin, John is joined by a senior management and consulting team with award-winning experience. The team have identified an opportunity to use its combined skills, talent relationships and knowledge to elevate the quality of content in the fast-growing sector of interactive story games.

What is an interactive story?

Interactive storytelling is a form of digital entertainment in which, unlike conventional linear films, the plot is not predetermined. This means that, at certain points in the story’s narrative, the player can decide which path that the characters will take. For instance – do you make a character enter a haunted house on their own or wait for reinforcements? Will you choose to help or hinder a stranger? Will you say the right thing to a potential love interest at the right time? These decision points put the power firmly with the player whose choices are certain to have consequences.